A powerful tool to analyze strategies from TradingView
Download v1.0.7 Now (This is only here in case the beta gives errors for new customers)
*Fixed for new Tradingview Interface and Performance Summary*
*Added new delay feature to combat tradingview parameter adjustment speed ban and lots of other quality of life improvements*

Download v1.3.0 Now (BETA)
*Now supports multiple inputs and greatly increased reliablity*
*Multidimensional heatgraph with filter options*
*Remembers inputs scan preferences PER strategy!
*Scan tickers and timeframes now!
*Scan by name now and add to existing searches!
*Correctly displays negative numbers now!
*Cycle between min and max delay to prevent bans

TradingView Input Optimizer v1.3.0 License Key
  • Works on Windows or Macintosh
  • Analyze more than 100 iterations
  • Use your license on any number of machines
  • 2 years of updates included
  • Free 30 minute training conversation with us! (the developers) - English Only
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